Dongju Kang begins by recognizing the surroundings as the passage of time, light and darkness, and depicts the phenomena left by the past. KANG had solo exhibitions including At the Window (2018, Tastehouse, Seoul), The Night Before (2015, DOOSAN Gallery, Seoul), Subcenters (2013, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul), and also participated in the group exhibitions such as Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm (2022, Art Sonje Center, Seoul), Shadowland (2021, Amado Art Space, Seoul), Rain Reading (2021, Doosan Gallery, Seoul), The Middle Land : When Time Unfolds into a Land (2021, Arko Art Center, Seoul), and etc.

강동주는 주변 환경을 시간의 흐름, 빛과 어둠으로 인지하는 것으로부터 시작하여 지나간 것들이 남긴 현상을 그린다.  개인전 《창문에서》 (취미가, 2018), 《전야》 (두산갤러리, 2015), 《부도심》 (OCI미술관 2013)을 개최했고, 《Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm》 (아트선재센터, 2022), 《Shadowland》 (아마도예술공간, 2021), 《Rain Reading》 (두산갤러리, 2021), 《그 가운데 땅》 (아르코미술관, 2021)등 다수의 단체전에 참여했다. 

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